My Two Polish Loves

Antragstellerin:  Tali Tiller, Berlin
Art des Projektes:  Dokumentarfilm
Fördersumme:  6.000 Euro

My Two Polish Loves is a personal feature length documentary film with inter-disciplinary elements, incorporating video art and audio-visual assemblages. It documents an intimate journey to Łódź, the city where the director's grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, was born and spent her youth in the Ghetto. Through the filmmaker's relationships with her Jewish-Polish grandmother Silvia and with her Polish-German lover Magda, "My Two Polish Loves" sensitively reflects on the passage of memories of Holocaust and war, as lived and narrated by women across generations. Silvia’s voice and memories, as recorded before she passed away in 2013, accompany them on this journey. Women’s subjective experiences are in the center of the film,  focusing on ways of remembrance which are attentive to current social realities of the third generation after the first generation is passing away.